Roasting is one of the most important parts of our process. So much work has already gone into the coffee beans we have selected, so it is our job to show off the unique flavors that are locked inside the green coffee. We hand roast our coffee in a 15kg drum roaster to develop the flavors slowly over a period of 11-13 minutes. We believe that every type of coffee needs to be treated differently in the roaster, so that's why we need to adjust our roast profile accordingly. We constantly check the colour, temperature and aroma of the coffee so we can have as much control as possible throughout the roast process.
We forensically document each roast, from temperatures to roasting times. At Arabica Specialty Coffee Roasters we use the finest and most up-to-date methods of roasting coffee beans set by the Specialty Coffee Association. At Arabica, we handpick our green beans and go through plenty of checks before accepting them into our facility. Once we choose our coffee, we then determine how to roast them depending on its size, density, processing method and moisture level. We then come up with the perfect plan to roast.

Your Success is our Success. Get in touch to learn about our wholesale offerings. We roast coffee every day to ensure fresh coffee for your business or organization. Our coffee is available in a variety of package options and distribution networks to suit your needs.