During the first part of this intensive training class, you will learn about coffee history, green coffee, roasting, grinding, brewing, extraction and preparation, milk, water, service skills, presentation, cleaning and sensory technology. The second half of the class is spent in the practical espresso stations. This is where you get hands-on experience with grinders, grinder adjustment, espresso machines, extraction, and pulling the perfect espresso shot. Not only will you learn about milk, steaming and texturing, but you will practice it on the spot by preparing the perfect traditional espresso, cappuccino and latte. The class will be concluded with time learning the basics of latte art. Built on Decades of knowledge, research, and real-world experience, the Specialty Coffee Association's education programs are designed to help you create a successful career in the Coffee industry.

Coffee Business Course

The most complete resource we can provide covering everything you need to open a coffee shop from the business side. We start from absolute zero with finding your concept and progress through to planning for growth and expansion. If you've never owned a business before or want to know more specifics about running a coffee business, this is for you, The A-to-Z resource for learning what it takes to open a coffee shop No prior business experience required Actionable tips to get your business open and profitable faster.
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